[Samba] advice, suggestions. ( dns-dhcp) and "shared" sysvol ?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Feb 25 05:47:52 MST 2014

Im radicaly changing my network, and i need some advice. 
The setup wil be like this. 
Samba-MASTER   AD-DC server, with DNS-master and TIME-master
Samba-SLAVE1     AD-DC server, DNS Slave1, TIME1, DHCPmaster-server1 ( with failover to 2)    
and when above is running, i'll add. 
Samba-SLAVE2     AD-DC server, DNS Slave2, TIME2, DHCPmaster-server2 ( with failover to 1 )  
Slave1 and Slave2 provide the DNS, Time (through ad and NTP ) and these get dhcp if possible. 
I want to use bind9, or is it better to use the samba internal DNS. 
I have 4 other domainnames which i manage through MS DNS tool, of through flate file in bind. 

Running OS wil be debian wheezy, with ??  packages.
i can choose. 
1 - sernet
2 - wheezy backports 
3 - debian samba, recompiled from sid. 
4 - compile from source. ... but, this is no option for my due to very restrictive setups. ( aka no compileing software on the production servers. ) 
first option for me is 1, the sernet packages. 
Bind, i can run debian defaults bind 9.8 or the sid version 9.9.3 
any sugestions? 
Target pc's Win XP, Win 7, Win 8.1. 
Some linux clients, but this is covert. 
The domain members, are for later.  ;-) 
All member servers get winbind, since thats running now also, thats a easy change. 
The dhcpserver(s) wil be provide-ing dynamic DNS, and i know there are some thingies about this
with windows dns registration, 
I have a lot already, but this part is a bit unclear..  ( the D-DNS part with samba and bind9 ) 
I can setup a ddns server on my debian, with bind9, this was running before on my samba+ldap setup. 
And other question, 
server setup wil be simpel, 2 partitions. /  and /home/samba 
the /home/samba gets all the samba thingies, like sysvol/netlogon 
this part due to GPO rsync-ing, would be nice to setup ? 
gluster? CTDB ? MSDFS ?  ( just for the sysvol ) 
wat do you use, settting up, ( de linux part i can do ) the samba part is new for me. 
So anyone any suggestion, tips to sites with nice likes are apriciated. 
example configs etc, would be very nice ;-) 
Im still in reading now, but i would like to tips for the dns/dhcp setup and the "shared" sysvol setup. 
( sorry i cleaned my mails, i know there was recently someone with a setup like this. ) 
The complete install wil be documented, so when done, i wil share this. 
Best regards, 

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