[Samba] Mounting Samba shares

Joseph, Matthew (EXP) matthew.joseph at lmco.com
Thu Feb 20 07:27:35 MST 2014


Currently I have a RHEL 6.x server that is running Samba. Our network consists of both Windows and RHEL servers that access these Samba shares.
Right now it is a cluster server so best practices from Red Hat state that we shouldn't be using NFS and Samba on these GFS2 shares due to file locking.

I'm running into issues when it comes to mounting home directories and permissions on them.
When I try to mount the home directory share on RHEL it mounts it and all child directories as root with 777 permissions. Obviously this is no good for me since all of my user directories are wide open.
When mounting them through Windows everything is fine

The command I used to mount the share is the following;

Mount -t cifs //SAMBA_SERVER/ClusterHome /home

Here is what the share configuration looks like.

Read Only = No
Force Create Mode = 0700
Security Mask = 0700
Force Security Mask = 0700
Force Directory Mode = 0700
Directory Security mask = 0700
Force Directory Security mask = 0700
Inherit permissions = Yes
Inherit ACLS = Yes
Inherit Owner = Yes
Guest Only = Yes
Guest okay = Yes

Any suggestions for me on this?



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