[Samba] dns resolution

Stéphane PURNELLE stephane.purnelle at corman.be
Wed Feb 19 04:26:33 MST 2014


We will put in production a DC and a file-server.

DC will use samba-4
file-server will use samba4 too as a member server.

DC will use internal DNS for AD domain

And file-server will have a DNS server ("main dns server" for manage 
normal domain and slave domain.
We have also 2 slave dns server for main DNS server.

In schema : 

                                        ----------------------- srv1
DC                             FS - 
                                        ----------------------- srv2

in smb.conf of DC, we will activate dns forwarder (DNS requests will be 
forwarded to FS if they can not be handled by Samba itself)
And on client set DNS = IP of DC

But can I set more dns forwarder (if FS ahve a problem or unreachable)

Can I set on client or other server 

IP of DC
IP of FS
IP of srv1
Ip of srv2

in dns configuration 


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