[Samba] vfs_shadow_copy2 with different snapshot format

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Mon Feb 17 23:07:05 MST 2014

Lee Allen wrote:
> I have been working my way through this zfs-auto-snapshot code (bash script
> really) and it's not possible to change the naming to something consistent
> across daily/hourly/frequent snapshots.  It uses that part of the name to
> determine whether to retain the snapshot.  I.e., it knows it needs to keep
> 7 daily snapshots, so it keeps 7 snapshots that contain the word 'daily'.
> I guess the fix would be, (1) name all snapshots using a consistent text
> string plus the date format, and then (2) change the snapshot cleanup
> routine to identify daily/hourly/frequent snapshots based on their
> timestamps, not their names.
> Thanks Sabuj.

I use my snapshots from windows with the dirnames of the form:
-- I have different parts of my /home partition exported in different
ways (Documents, home, homes, et al. )
At the root of each I create a .snapdir and after I create daily snaps
with 'lvm', a finish-up bash script creates symlinks to all the dirs
in the real snapdir -- that way windows restore earlier versions feature
works in the other directories (usually).

Would creating a 'fakedir' for windows with a script creating symlinks to
the real snapshots off a cron job work?

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