[Samba] Samba 4 DC - File locking problems when a client crashes

Julian Timm X-Dimension at gmx.net
Mon Feb 17 06:27:18 MST 2014

We are using Samba 4.1.4 as a standalone domain controller for 50 Windows 7 Clients.
If a client crashes or the user hasn't shutdown his computer correctly, smbstatus shows still
many open files from this user. (like desktop shotcuts, firefox profile and so on.)
When this user starts his computer again, Windows can't access these files anymore, all desktop shutcuts are missing
and Firefox won't start and tells the user that Firefox has been already opened.
At the moment i do the following procedure to resolve this:
1. Shutdown the computer of the user
2. smbstatus | grep username  (to see what PIDs are still accessing the files of the user)
3. kill -9 PID 
4. Start the computer
Is there a better solution for this problem, or maybe an smb.conf option, so that i don't must
kill all running PIDs manually?

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