[Samba] how to remove an (offline) DC from Samba 4 ?

Bram Matthys syzop at vulnscan.org
Mon Feb 17 02:41:12 MST 2014

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Hi all,

What would be the recommended way to remove an old offline DC from Samba4?

I searched in samba-tool for a way to do this, but didn't find any.
Tried using the Windows tools to manage AD Users & Computers -> Domain
Controllers -> The DC & then hit delete, however this gives an error 'cannot
find specified module'.
On https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/DRS_TODO_List I read this is
likely a known issue:
"Fix DsRemoveDSServer

Removing a DC from the Domain Controllers container when using windows
user/group admin tool against a s4 DC fails with "bad stub data". It
generated a fault on the wire. "

Given that both samba-tool and the using the ADUC tools are a dead end, what
should I do?

Should I start messing with ldbedit/ldbdel? I'm worried to mess up things,
especially dead references to the old DC. Or is this the way to go.

This is on samba 4.1.4, running as AD, with all FSMO roles seized (in case
it matters).

Any help would be appreciated.



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