[Samba] Samba 4.1.4 nsswitch/winbind issues

Doug Meredith doug.meredith at skyridge.com
Sun Feb 16 07:27:14 MST 2014

>>  OK, then does 'Domain Users' have a gidNumber and do his users have this
> gidNumber?
> I think that without a valid gidNumber in the users AD, then getent will
> not display users.
> Rowland

You nailed it Rowland.  I went back and added GIDs for each and every group
and eventually the problem was solved.  Thank you very much, I was really
stuck on this.  Now I'll be able to proceed with building my new file
server.  Goodbye hideous D-Link NAS!

Steve, I very much appreciate your efforts and tips as well.


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