[Samba] Separate DC fom file server ( was : Re: ZFS support for SAMAB4? )

me at electronico.nc me at electronico.nc
Fri Feb 14 21:40:06 MST 2014

Le 14/02/2014 08:43, Andrew Bartlett a écrit :
> On Fri, 2014-02-14 at 07:55 +1100, me at electronico.nc wrote:
>> Le 13/02/2014 14:59, Andrew Bartlett a écrit :
>>> ...
>>>>> On a AD DC you should not run file shares btw, use a member server
>>>>> for that ...
>>>> Curious question: Why do you think so?
>>> While the AD DC is running our full file server, and can act quite well
>>> as a file server, we suggest that organisations run a distinct file
>>> server to allow upgrades of each without disrupting the other.  We also
>>> suggest that many medium-sized sites will want more than one AD DC, and
>>> so it makes sense to have the DCs distinct to any file servers that may
>>> use the DCs.
>>> Finally, it avoids many of the issues around the winbindd internal to
>>> the AD DC.
>>> Andrew Bartlett
>> I'd suggest that Samba Team writes these lines on the Wiki as it is ( in
>> my opinion ) a very important step that needs to be configured at Samba
>> setup (and it would avoid wasting time to look for them through
>> thousands of messages on Mailman list).
>> Nicolas
> You are very welcome to apply for a wiki account. :-)
> Andrew Bartlett
I don't care to spend some time helping Samba users, but I don't feel 
confortable enough with Samba technical to write how-to on Wiki.
I even don't understand why winbind internal issues are caused by having 
DC and file server on the same machine.

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