[Samba] Help needed - One question is about samba group policy and another is about samba and openchange install.

Raymond raymond at joburgtheatre.com
Fri Feb 14 01:45:10 MST 2014

Hi all, I have some general question and I hope someone here can provide
some insight. One question is about samba GPO and another is about samba and
openchange install. I don't know if the second question can be answered
here. I have also asked the same question on the openchange mailing list and
some very helpful people there are busy replying with suggestions but so far
the answer is still a bit of a mystery so here is my 2 questions.


My current install has the following.


1)      A minimal install of CentOS 6.5

2)      A fully functional Samab 4.1.4 server installed with internal DNS
selected and Active Directory as DC with fully functional group policies.
(Thank you SAMBA team!!)  


I have tested folder redirects and GPO policies such as hiding the control
panel etc and this all seems to be working fine with XP, Windows 7 and
Windows 8.1

I use the Microsoft Active Directory remote administrator tools to add users
and to setup their profiles and shares etc.


My question regarding samba GPO.


One of the policies regarding user lockouts when attempting to access a PC
with bad passwords. The user account is not locked after the 3rd attempt. It
seems as if the account is temporary disabled.

As you know you can set (LockoutDuration) options in GPO.


LockoutDuration definition.


"The LockoutDuration setting (also known in Group Policy as the Account
lockout duration setting) is the amount of time, in minutes, that account
lockout is enforced on an account that has exceeded the LockoutDuration
registry value, measured from the time of lockout. If you set the
LockoutDuration registry value to 0, the account is permanently locked out
until either an administrator or a user who has a delegated account resets
the account."


I set the value as explain in the definition above to zero and I have tried
different combinations of this policy and could not get the user account to
(permanently) lockout when I enter their password 3 times incorrectly. 


Is (permanent) user account lockout supported by Samab 4.1.4 ? 




My question regarding OpenChange and samba.


I have Samba 4.1.4 working and now I want to install openchange. There are
many sites explaining how to install openchange but I have discovered that
openchange attempts to install an older version of samba, (ver 4.0) by
default and when you install openchange it breaks your current samba (ver
4.1.4) Do any of the samba guys here know how to install openchange without
the need to reinstall samba or break an existing samba install?


Let's say you have been running samba for some time now and you have 60
users authenticating on your samba 4.1.4 server. Now you decide you need to
use openchange. How do you get open change installed onto your samba server.
It almost seems as if the kook book on open change presumes that you are
installing a new server when you install openchange or I may have missed the
howto. I am suffering from a bit of information overload by browsing
different sites and I decided to refocus and ask people who may know the


Has anyone here done a samba install first and then later added openchange?
I would like to hear from you how you did it, and if you would like to share
your install process with me.


Any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you






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