[Samba] Samba4: Site dependent profile path

Diego Woitasen diego at woitasen.com.ar
Wed Feb 12 14:29:38 MST 2014

 AFAIK, the "logon path" parameter doesn't apply anymore in Samba 4.
If you want roaming profiles you have to use profilePath user
attribute. This works fine but I have an issue. In my environment we
have multiple sites. Each one has its own DC and its own file server.
We want to store the profile in the file server, but I couldn't fine a
way to fine this. I have to do it user by user, but it's a headache
for us. Users move from site to site and we don't have an accurate way
in advance to know the location of each user.

 If there way to define the file server for the profile that depends
on the site? Subnet, logon server, whatever?


Diego Woitasen
Linux and Open Source solutions architect at www.vhgroup.net

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