[Samba] Software GPO deployment fail because of computer trust

Chan Min Wai dcmwai at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 10:47:23 MST 2014

Hello all,

I've come a cross some strange GPO software deployment issue and below are
some info.

I've 2 DC + 1 Domain member (net ads join)

AS per suggested, the 2 DC are only use for DC and GPO where the Domain
member is working as the files sharing server.

There are some strange issue happen where:
1. Win7 vm test maching can get the GPO software without problem
2. Win XP in LAN can also get the GPO software without problem
3. Win7 cannot get the GPO software Reason --> Source don't exists.

>From this post
(the last reply)

It tell me that kerberos is required between server and client (I just know
it, I though it is only required between DC and DC member)

So I try something in this new win7...
Without login to the domain, just the local administrator...
And there are no log there.

pushd \\DCmember\share

Login Fail, Unknown username and password


pushd \\DC1\netlogon OR \\DC1\dfs

I'll be able to login without any problem...

So the Question is why fail on the DCmember
And how can we make it pass

According to GPO software deployment.
The PC have to get the files from the software deployment server before

So in this case on \\DCmember\share it fail

Please advise...
This is my DC Member config files.

Thank You.

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