[Samba] Where do I get detailed information about oplock-types and possible errors?

bugblatterbeast samba at bugblatterbeast.de
Wed Feb 12 08:44:11 MST 2014


     I would like to know, what the oplock 'EXCLUSIVE+BATCH' exactly 
means. Does anybody know a good manual about samba's oplocks?

     Could it possibly cause oplock-trouble and even disconnections, if 
a user is constantly logged in on one AD-workstations and also 
frequently accesses network files from a WinXP+SP2 workstation (that is 
not part of the AD-Domain) via credentials?

Nice regards, bbb


One of our AD-users is having severe problems with frequent 
disconnections from the AD-Domain. I've noticed that the user has quite 
a lot error messages, that look like this:

[2013/10/21 08:53:15.854203,  0] 
   Oplock break failed for file 
-- replying anyway

There's also something strage about the users locked files in smbstatus 
output: when any other user would use the oplock 'BATCH', the user with 
the problems always uses 'EXCLUSIVE+BATCH'

15306        3000035    DENY_NONE  0x2019f     RDWR EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  
Wed Feb 12 14:56:34 2014
15311        3000038    DENY_NONE  0x12019f    RDWR BATCH            
user_ok/Anwendungsdaten/Thunderbird/Profiles/i8g18axs.default/panacea.dat Wed 
Feb 12 09:09:46 2014

The user with the disconnection-problems is constantly working on two 
different workstations at the same time... unfortunately we have to use 
an additional WinXP+SP2 workstation for a special software, we need. I'm 
currently setting up a second account for this users - perhaps it will 
help. This is not a support-request, just a question/discussion.

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