[Samba] Internal DNS in 4.1.x having hiccup

Michał Półrolniczak michal.polrolniczak at warp.org.pl
Wed Feb 12 06:40:07 MST 2014

We started with 4.1.0, there were few clients and Domain Controler
worked fine.
We started upgrading at 4.1.2 with: ./configure --enable-debug, make,
make install on stoped samba4. We didn't notice any bad things. Curently
we are using the 4.1.4, and can't be 100% but we started adding more and
more people, but the dns dont respond allways.
First it started with not responding anything (we didnt change
anything). We had to restart samba -D. Now the DNS sometimes work
sometimes don't . We need to setup manualy dns to the DC and then this
sometimes work, sometimes don't and need to restart computer.

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