[Samba] Samba 4 mapping share like \\my.domain\sharename

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Tue Feb 11 23:58:41 MST 2014

For all who are interested in this feature: to map shares like [home] or
[sales]... by \\domain.name\ instead of servername,ip(\\host\..)
I did it this way. I did not use the ms aduc to set the "map drive to"  in
the profile section. I just created the home directory there!
Then simply set there my logon script "logon.bat". Placed it in samba4
netlogon, containing simply :  net use S: \\my.domain\home\%USERNAME% (or
any other share!!)
And it was up and running. The advantage: As I have 2 dcs replicating
writing shares to a 2 node glusterfs replicating brick (even NETLOGON and
SYSVOL),  the clients
always can reach their shares as long one of the dcs is online. 

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for that, you need to public the share from within the AD. 
look here. 


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>Dear all,
>Is it possible to map shares this way ex: \\test.loc\testshare. Whre 
>test.loc is the name of the samba 4 domain.
>I tried this with netlogon and syvol both working this way but ex 
>[home] or any other share [test] will not.
>It would be fine if this is possible. It would be usefull in a 
>environment of two replicating dcs. When number one is down the windows 
>clients can find their shares then anyway!?
>EDV Daniel Müller
>Leitung EDV
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