[Samba] Samba 4 documentation hard to find.

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Feb 10 22:54:12 MST 2014

Hello Thomas,

Am 11.02.2014 02:30, schrieb Thomas Schulz:
> I missed the wiki. On the Samba web site there is a 'learn Samba' button.
> The 'Official HOWTO' is only for Samba 3  as far as I can see. The next
> three offerings also are for Samba 3 or earlier. Fortunately the wiki
> is for Samba 4. Thanks for the pointer.

If you click to "learn samba", it is the 5th point in the navigation. :-)

> I configured with the same options. Our Samba 3 setup has smb.conf in
> PREFIX/lib and the install procedure does not create a  PREFIX/etc.
> Samba 4 wants to find smb.conf in PREFIX/etc. Now it may be that
> having it in PREFIX/lib is left over from Samba 2 and it could also
> be in PREFIX/etc for Samba 3.

You can use the configure option '--sysconfdir=' for setting this.

>> No. You only require the 'samba' binary, if your Samba installation is
>> an AD DC. There you only start the 'samba' binary, which starts smbd as
>> child processes.
> That is exactly the type of information that I expected to find in an
> overview document. Thanks for the information.

I added that to the "Updating Samba" HowTo, I wrote yesterday evening.


> Our AD and DC are on a 14 year old Windows 2000 Server machine. I will
> be much happier when I have a backup server for that!

If it's just a single DC, you should really setup a second one. :-)

For setting up and joining Samba as a DC you will find HowTos in the Wiki.

I don't know if there are some special things to mention, if you join 
Samba to an W2k AD domain. But it would be great if you could provide 
your experiences here. I can add special steps to the Wiki then.


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