[Samba] Windows and Linux can't access Samba at the same time.

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Mon Feb 10 09:42:03 MST 2014

On 10/02/14 09:32, Rowland Penny wrote:
> Hi, you might think that you are running a Ubuntu samba server, but 
> you are not, you are running a workgroup.
Hmm - I'm not sure the above makes sense. He is running samba in server 
mode on the Ubuntu machine - so he is running a samba server. Unless you 
are trying to say something about Samba in DC mode, or even something 
else? Samba in workgroup mode is still a samba server.

> This means that every user must have an account on every computer, 
> they do not have to have the same gid, just the same username & password.
> There are also possible problems with the smb.conf on both machines, 
> at the end of the ubuntu one are these lines:
> follow symlinks = yes
> wide links = yes
> unix extensions = no
> These appear to be part of [Music] , only problem is that 'unix 
> extensions = no' should be part of [global].
> The smb.conf on the raspberry pi needs to be basically the same as the 
> ubuntu one but without the shares.
I'm not sure about that one either. The pi is acting as a samba client. 
It should be able to just connect to any Samba compliant server - even a 
Windows machine with file sharing enabled. Can't quite see it needing 
the same smb.conf as the server.

Another thing to check is that, if the Windows machines are Win 7 or Win 
8, make sure you are not using home groups. That adds a whole new level 
of headaches.

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