[Samba] how to enable Active Directory support building samba on AIX?

Michael Brown michael at netdirect.ca
Mon Feb 10 06:56:04 MST 2014

It may be picking up the wrong ldap library, or something else may be going wrong.

Can you post and link to both config.log files? It should have more information.


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Subject: [Samba] how to enable Active Directory support building samba on	AIX?


I'm trying to build samba 4.1.4 on AIX 7.1 with xlc 12.1:

Before building samba the build of openldap works correctly with:

export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/samba/samba-4.1.4/lib
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba/samba-4.1.4 \
--sysconfdir=/usr/local/samba/conf \
--localstatedir=/var/ samba/openldap \
--mandir=/usr/local/samba/samba-4.1.4/man \
--with- threads=no \
--enable-bdb=no \
--enable-null \
--enable-dnssrv \
--enable-dynamic \
make depend
make check
make install

However, configure of samba doesn't recognise ldap correctly.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba/samba-4.1.4 \
--sysconfdir=/usr/local/samba/conf \
--localstatedir=/var/samba/smb \
--mandir=/usr/local/samba/samba-4.1.4/man \
--with-privatedir=/usr/local/samba/conf \
--with-configdir=/usr/local/samba/conf \
--with-piddir=/var/samba/smb/pids \
--with-logfilebase=/var/samba/smb/logs \
--with-acl-support \
--with-winbind \

I get this output:
Checking for header ldap.h : yes
Checking for header lber.h : yes
Checking for header ldap_pvt.h : no
Checking for ber_tag_t : ok
Checking for library lber : yes
Checking for ber_scanf : ok
Checking for ber_sockbuf_add_io : ok
Checking for variable LDAP_OPT_SOCKBUF : ok
Checking for variable LBER_OPT_LOG_PRINT_FN : ok
Checking for library ldap : yes
Checking for ldap_init : not found
Checking for ldap_init_fd : not found
Checking for ldap_initialize : not found
Checking for ldap_set_rebind_proc : not found
Checking for ldap_add_result_entry : ok
Checking whether ldap_set_rebind_proc takes 3 arguments : ok
Active Directory support not available: LDAP support ist not available.
Building without Active Directory support.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for looking into this.

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