[Samba] Conflicting objectSid

Shem Pasamba shemgp at aiias.edu
Mon Feb 10 00:22:18 MST 2014

On 2/10/2014 12:16 PM, Shem Pasamba wrote:
> I went to debug the samba server and I discovered that it was having 
> conflicts with the SID of another user. Meaning the newly created dn 
> for the computer is conflicting with an added user.  These users where 
> imported using pdbedit -i tdbsam:smbpasswd.tdb -u <user>.  How can I 
> avoid this problem?
Solved this by editing the rIDAllocationPool: and rIDNextRID: in ldbedit 
-H ldap://localhost -U administrator to the highest rid that I can find.
I can find the highest RID using: ldbsearch -H ldap://localhost -U 
administrator%password | grep objectSid | cut -d"-" -f8 | sort -n

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