[Samba] Missing catalog by creating new user

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sat Feb 8 11:17:18 MST 2014

Hello Olivier,

Am 06.02.2014 15:32, schrieb Olivier Weinstoerffer:
> I'm actually evaluating samba 4 to replace my AD domain. I managed to
> install a first ad controller. The I installed a second one which
> synchronize to the first one. Everything goes well.
> I wanted to test what happens if one controler is down. I stopped the first
> one and tried to create a new user on the second one. I got an error
> message explaining that the global catalog cannot be contacted and the
> unicity of the username cannot be verified.
> On the second ad, samba is listening on the global catalog port.
> What can be wrong?

As most services, the GC is found through DNS lookups. And I guess, 
during the join, the record wasn't created.

Have a look in your DNS into the gc._msdcs.your.domain zone. There you 
should find find some records pointing to your DCs with GC. If some are 
missing, you can add them.


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