[Samba] Windows and Linux can't access Samba at the same time.

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Sat Feb 8 07:15:28 MST 2014


On 08/02/14 02:33, Adam Barnes wrote:
> Hello,
> Ive setup an ubuntu server running samba as a media server for xbmc.
> Ive used webmin to setup samba, on which I have two users one with read
> only access and one with read/write.
> I access the samba shares using windows and raspbmc (based on Debian).
> The way I want my setup to work is most machines will user the samba user
> with read only, but to have one machine
> with full access. This works perfectly with only windows machines on the
> network (excluding the server)
> The problem im having is that when I add raspbmc it is unable to access the
> shares, it just rejects the password.
> I found out that if I change the security setting from "security = share"
> to "security = user" then raspbmc is able to access the shares,
> but windows is not, and vice versa.
I could be wrong about this, but if my memory serves right, when you use 
security=user, your username *and* the password on the Windows machine 
has to match the ones on the samba server. With security=share, under 
the right circumstances, you can get away with *just* the password 
matching. Does the user you are logged in as in Windows have the same 
username as the one in Samba? Sometimes there is also the annoying thing 
that you can change the username in Windows, but the underlying system 
sometimes keeps on using the original username for certain things. I'm 
not sure if that has an effect on logging into Samba.

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