[Samba] BIND9_DLZ and Reverse Lookups

Doug Meredith doug.meredith at skyridge.com
Fri Feb 7 12:22:13 MST 2014

I have encountered this same issue with Samba 4.1.4/BIND and Samba
4.1.3/internal.  I've tried the DNS tool from both Windows 7 and Windows
8.1.  I don't have a solution for you, but I wanted you to know that you
aren't alone. :)

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 9:18 PM, David Kirk <davidrkirk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Ok.  I'm stumped, so I'm finally going to ask for help.
> I'm testing a brand new setup of Samba4 as an AD DC with Bind9 for DNS.
>  The problem I'm having is when I create a new A record using the Windows
> DNS tools.  I tick the box to create a corresponding PTR record, but it
> never does.
> I've created the reverse zone.  I've tried using the Windows DNS tools to
> create it, and I've also tried samba-tool to create it.  Either way, it
> gets created, but no records go in there when I create my A records.
> What I want to end up with is a system where servers have static IP
> addresses.  I manually add an A record for them and the PTR should be
> created automatically.  Clients should get their IP address from DHCP and
> an A record and PTR record should automatically get created.
> I'm installing on Centos 6.5 with Samba Version 4.1.4-SerNet-RedHat-7.el6.
>  Bind is bind-9.8.2-0.17.rc1.el6.6.x86_64.
> I've had 3 attempts to get this working.  The first one, I installed samba
> from git.  Bind was from Centos.  For attempt 2 I did the same, but found
> some instructions to install Bind from SRPM and update the spec file to use
> the gssapi and dlopen options.  Then I compiled and installed.  The final
> attempt was using the sernet package listed above and the Bind RPM from the
> previous server instance.
> I've followed the instructions on the Samba wiki very carefully.  The only
> thing I haven't tried yet is to build Bind from source from isc.org.
> Does anyone else have this working?  Is it achievable?
> Thanks
> David
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