[Samba] AD integration - Administrator can log in but no one else can

yan at seiner.com yan at seiner.com
Fri Feb 7 07:40:54 MST 2014

> Hai,
>>I changed the case, and removed /etc/krb5.conf (replaced it
>>with an empty
>>file) which should force samba to go to the kerberos servers.  Now my
>>users can access their shares, my groups work, life is good.
> If you removed krb5.conf and put an empty file back, you wil get troubles.
> Just setup your krb5.conf correct.

I set up my krb5.conf per your example, disabled likewise from starting
(likewise was the cause of all my problems) rebooted the samba server
since there's apparently no graceful way to shut down likewise, and
everything works just fine.


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