[Samba] How to change objectSid?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Feb 5 11:43:06 MST 2014

On Wed, 2014-02-05 at 09:18 -0300, Diego Woitasen wrote:
> I'm migrating from Samba3 o Samba4 in en environment where I have a
> central location and branches. Every branch with its own Samba3, using
> OpenLDAP. 

In each of these locations, did Samba have it's own domain, or was this
one big domain?

> I can't migrate all the locations at the same time. I'm
> going to migrate the central site and then I'm one site per week
> (around 10 locations).


> In the meantime, users and groups will be created in Samba3, so I was
> thinking about injecting the new users and groups in the Samba4 until
> we eliminate Samba3 definitely.

Could you create them into Samba4, and instead back-populate them into

> I've already done it with users, with a modified version of
> classicupgrade but I can't do the same for groups. 

Can you explain a big more about what worked and what didn't?  I don't
see why groups would be much different to users in this regard.

> So groups are
> created, the SID is assiged by Samba4, but I want to keep it in sync
> with the SIDs in Samba3.

If you do it this way, have you modified the classicupgrade to pass in a
higher next_rid parameter (like --next-rid would for a normal
provision), so you have room for the groups?

I'm certain we can help you handle this, one way or another,

Andrew Bartlett

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