[Samba] sysvol replication via clustered/distributed file system

Thoralf Schulze tschulze at deutsche-kinemathek.de
Wed Feb 5 04:03:44 MST 2014

hi there,

thank you for your input …

On 02/05/2014 04:29 AM, Michael Brown wrote:

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> From: Andrew Bartlett
> […]
> The issue is that using a cluster file system with Samba requires CTDB
> to be able to do it safely, and CTDB and the AD DC are incompatible, >
so this isn't a useful way forward.
> What we need is for someone with a lot of time and talent to step up >
and take on the DFS-R work. We have some progress here, but much more
> needs to be done.

[Michael Brown]
> ‎Seconded. What I've done on the admittedly small setups so far (not
> the 1400 RODC deployment) is configure the active DFS owner as
> read-write and rsync over to the other DCs. And the other DCs have
> the sysvol share configured read-only.
> DFS takes care of directing clients to the RW server should they need
> to write.

so a working sysvol replication requires deterministic changes to the
tdbs on all dc? it is not just about getting the files in the actual
sysvol shares distributed to all dcs consistently?
i was naively thinking that sidestepping dfs completely and replicating
the contents of the \sysvol\$your_domain\{Policies,scripts} directories
to all involved dcs would suffice - just like rsync does, but in a more
transparent way.

thank you very much,

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