[Samba] sysvol /etc /private replication/backup via git

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sat Dec 20 02:59:59 MST 2014

Hello Johannes,

Am 18.12.2014 um 12:23 schrieb johannesa:
> Basically I wan't to adapt the samba_backup script found in
> the sources to backup everything via git into our repository.
> I understand that the best solution would be to tar
> everything before commit.

You don't have to use tar. But you have to ensure, that you have a
backup, that includes the extended ACLs and attributes. And tar --xattrs
is an easy way.

> With the similar technology I wan't to synchronize sysvol.

Why not simply use an rsync based way, to keep everything in sync?
Easy to setup. Changes (e. g. GPO) are done on one host. All other are
pulling the changes.

> In case of disaster recovery I wan't to write another script
> that restores everything from our repo.

If your backup is only for sysvol: If you use rsync (see above) for
replication, a lost sysvol folder would automatically recovered if it's
one of the rsync slave hosts. You would only need a sysvol backup of the
host that is master for the others. And for that one host I would do the
restore manually. That are just some few steps to do and then I'm sure,
that it's done right and I can react, if something changed, that was
forgotten in the script.

> Did anyone try this already? Do you see pitfalls why this is a bad idea?
> Any comments are highly appreciated.

- You have to keep ext. ACLs/attributes

- Keep the time as short as possible, if files change. rsync transfers
the changed file with a temporary name and then replaces the file. This
is just a very short moment, where the file is not accessable.


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