[Samba] Printers shared via samba server vs Windows server

rodney fluharty rjfluharty at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 10:11:31 MST 2014

I have a question and I'm sure it's elementary to some, but I've not found
an answer by googling.  I have a Debian Jessie/Sid box with Samba 3.6.6.  I
have AD integrated with point&click functionality.  All is well except for
one thing.  I have about a dozen network copiers who have give weird margin
errors when trying to print from Word.  That's not the issue I want to
cover here, but I think the cause of that may be that samba doesn't provide
all the information to the client computers, that a windows server gives.

Here's what I mean, when shared through samba, the printers have generic
icons, rather than the pictures of the printers, other information is
missing too. In win7 client, in printer properties, General tab, there is
no box under "Model" that shows current paper loaded. Also when I open
click on the printer icon, it opens the the window that shows documents,
rather than the windows-served version that opens with window with the
printer manufacturer's logo, etc.

The samba served stuff just seems more generic.  Is it because samba is
serving an older version of the drivers (generation, not revision).  Or is
it that a windows server provides more information to the client?

I went so far as to do port enumeration on samba, thinking that maybe some
of this was provided by printer via SNMP.  What's the deal?  Thanks
Rodney Jay Fluharty

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