[Samba] Strange problem with pdbedit -Lv : missing users ?

Denis BUCHER dbucherml at hsolutions.ch
Mon Dec 15 13:22:26 MST 2014


Dear all,
I have a very strange problem with "pdbedit -Lv" under Samba 3.3.10, a
lot of users and machines are missing ! 

Strangely, all these missing machines and users are working perfectly

The problem is that I need to get their SID to be able to migrate to a
new server... 


 	* Samba 3.3.10
 	* Number of machines :
 	* Unix : 128 machines
 	* pdbedit -Lv | grep "Unix" | grep "\$" | wc :
 	* 13 machines only
 	* Number of users :

	* Unix : 79 domain users
 	* pdbedit -Lv | grep "Unix" | grep -v "\$" | wc :
 	* 52 users only !

To be honest I don't absolutely need pdbedit to work, if I can list the
SID of all users by some other mean, it will be OK. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


P. S. I saw somewhere that it could be due to missing Unix users, but
these users are not missing. 


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