[Samba] How to copy roaming profiles to new server ? ("Group policy client service failed. The logon access is denied")

(lists) Denis BUCHER dbucherml at hsolutions.ch
Mon Dec 8 12:25:32 MST 2014

Dear all,

We have perfectly working roaming profiles on Samba 3.3.10 (SuSE) with 
Windows 7 clients. We configured our new server with same domain name, 
Samba 4.1.11 (Debian).

On the new server, for newly created profiles, it works perfectly, we 
can login, logout, profiles are created and saved. But if we want to 
copy an existing profile from current server to the new one, it's 
impossible to login, we get the following error : "Group policy client 
service failed. The logon access is denied".

The rights on the files are correct on the server, but we are wondering 
if some data in the profile has to be changed ? For example in the 
registry or any other file...

The only warning we have in Windows is a "Search" that cannot access 
"csc:" with SID. This is a Windows Search registry.

Update : We tried to "mount" the user registry Hive on another computer, 
replaced all the user old SID by the new one, and even changed the 
rights on the registry. Then we saved it in the profile. Same problem.

Otherwise said, in addition to copying the profiles files to the new 
server, what should we do to have the old profiles load correctly ?

Feel free to ask for more details that you could find useful to 
understand/solve this problem that should arise for any roaming profiles 
migration, I suppose ?

Thanks a lot for any help !


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