[Samba] Few errors on fresh RODC

MORILLO Jordi J.Morillo at educationetformation.fr
Mon Dec 8 03:55:39 MST 2014

Hello !
I'm trying to install RODC with latest 4.1 version.
There's few errors and i don't know if it's normal or not :

1)      On RODC join :
descriptor_sd_propagation_recursive: DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=educ-for,DC=local not found under DC=educ-for,DC=local
descriptor_sd_propagation_recursive: DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=educ-for,DC=local not found under DC=educ-for,DC=local

2)      On samba start :
/usr/sbin/samba_dnsupdate: ; TSIG error with server: tsig verify failure

3)      On replication check :
s127:~# samba-tool drs showrepl
DSA Options: 0x00000025
DSA object GUID: 90f1e882-ed89-408f-a4df-5a1fb0a67d60
DSA invocationId: 571c7c73-f3ad-4379-baa0-b0844aa068a8


ERROR(runtime): DsReplicaGetInfo of type 0 failed - (8453, 'WERR_DS_DRA_ACCESS_DENIED')

Thanks for all

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