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I will add here that my server provisioned yesterday afternoon. However,
I did not have time to do any testing. 

So, this morning testing and the first thing I discovered was
"sernet-samba-ad" service was NOT running. 

I found a Debian Wheezy sernet samba posting (via Google) and within it
read that users need to edit "/etc/default/sernet-samba" as follows: 

# ---- SETUP SAMBA: service ad / smb / nmbd 

# enabled ad in /etc/default/sernet-samba for the AD server. 

vi /etc/default/sernet-samba 

# change this to : SAMBA_START_MODE="ad" 

# change : SAMBA_RESTART_ON_UPDATE="yes" 

Then I restarted the server and 'service --status-all' shows
sernet-samba-ad service with a plus sign (+) which meant it was running.

Then all the usual samba, krb5 and host "tests" returned correct

I then went to one of my W7 clients, changed the dns ip address on the
network adapter to my new Samba4 server address and the client connected
and logged on to the newly created Samba4 AD DC. 

I hope this helps others with sernet-samba. 


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First go to EnterpriseSamba and create an account. 

Logon to their download site and PAY ATTENTION there is a username and
passkey string you will receive. You will need it! 

Setup the sources in your apt/sources.list 

Do apt-get update 

And then, like Rowland suggested, apt-get install sernet-samba-ad acl
attr quota fam ntp krb5-user 

Go to Samba4 documentation for the changes you will need to make in your
fstab file. 

Setup ntp (it's easy.) 

And then provision your domain /usr/bin/samba-tool domain provision 

This is a quick list of notes that I have made from todays activities.
Yes, it could be in more detail and I might improve it over time so use
at your own risk. 

What I found to be the most difficult was the lack of documentation on
the Sernet-samba website. I found out, in a "round about way" that their
samba packages are titled as to not interfere with the regular samba
packages (most contain 'sernet' within the file titles.) This way (I
think) that as they maintain their (Sernet) repository it will result in
Sernet-samba packages updating during normal update cycles. 

It worked out for me. 

Special thanks to Rowland for being here on a Saturday afternoon! 


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