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I looked at these once, Rowland. I am a novice and not wanting to run
bind9 for the dns (one ADDC and three, maybe four clients) the
SAMBA_INTERNAL DNS has always work fine for me in testing. 

These scripts were a "little too advanced" for my experience. (Not that
it won't serve anyone else quite well.) 

Just surprised that there is so little, almost non-existent
documentation for a sernet-samba (EnterpriseSamba) howto. 

I thought I could write one, I might. But, alas I am not a writer. 



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On 2014-12-06 14:42, Rowland Penny wrote: 

> On 06/12/14 20:34, Donelson Trophy wrote:
> Thank you Hector. Despite my poor spanish, I can see that I need to check what dependencies are loading with Sernet-samba. More tomorrow when I am at a better machine to communicate with the forum on. Thanks. --- ------------------------- Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy 615.885.2846 (main) www.donelsontrophy.com [1] [3 [1]] "Everyone deserves an award!!" On 2014-12-06 14:23, Hector Suarez Planas wrote: Hi, Donelson. I am going to stop wasting our time today. I am not at a machine that I can access the box via ssh and attach image of screens, etc. to ask precise questions. Let me get to a better place and time to forum more efficiently. More soon. I successfully install Sernet Samba 4 en Debian Wheezy. In Ubuntu must be the same procedure, I think, I'm not test it yet. I have two PDCs on differents subnets and it woks very well until now. I made a litle manual, but in Spanish version. It is based on Samba Wiki with some changes made by my self. I made a local repo of Sernet Sa
 mba 4
packages by apt-cache (debmirror not work), and I instal from this local repo: This is the part: 4.- Añadir el repo local de Sernet-Samba4 al APT. Contenido del archivo /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sernet-samba4.list: deb file:///media/flash/sernet-samba4-repo/4.1/debian [1] wheezy main 5.- Modificar el comportamiento del APT con respecto a los repos añadidos: Contenido del archivo /etc/apt/preferences.d/sernet-samba4.pref: Package: * Pin: origin "sernet-samba4" Pin-Priority: 991 NOTA: Esto no sé si funciona, dado que el origen de la paquetería es el mismo. 6.- Instalación de paquetes necesarios para el Samba4: # apt-get install build-essential libacl1-dev libattr1-dev libblkid-dev libgnutls-dev libreadline-dev python-dev python-dnspython gdb pkg-config libpopt-dev libldap2-dev dnsutils libbsd-dev attr krb5-user docbook-xsl libcups2-dev acl quota fam libnet-ldap-perl bind9 dnsutils NOTA 1: Aquí durante la configuración del paquete cliente de Kerberos se solicitarán datos. 
 Yo puse
los que creí correctos. De todas formas, creo que se puede configurar a posteriori. NOTA 2: Es fundamental DESHABILITAR EL ARRANQUE del servicio bind9 si se va a utilizar el DNS interno de Samba4, dado que no permitirá cargar todos los servicios necesarios que se utilizan para el buen funcionamiento del Controlador de Dominio (DNS, RPC, Kerberos, SMB-CIFS, etc.): # (Comando para quitar del arranque el servicio en todos los niveles de ejecución) # service bind9 stop 7.- Instalación del Samba 4 de Sernet: Antes d refrescar la lista de paquetes se debe añadir la llave GPG del repositorio de Samba 4 de Sernet. Esto se hace de la siguiente manera: # cat /media/flash/sernet-samba4-repo/sernet-build-key.gpg | apt-key add - # apt-get update Completados estos pasos, ya se puede proceder a instalar los paquetes de Samba 4 de Sernet: # apt-get install sernet-samba-ad libwbclient0 sernet-samba-client sernet-samba-winbind sernet-samba sernet-samba-libs sernet-samba-libsmbclient0 Sorr
 y for
send it in Spanish. In your case, the URL on Sernet FTP must be this: (Registration is required to acces) https://<username>:<password>@download.sernet.de/packages/samba/4.1/ubuntu [2] (For lucid, precise and trusty) See ya. :)
 Links: ------ [1] file:///media/flash/sernet-samba4-repo/4.1/debian [2]
[3] http://www.donelsontrophy.com [1] 

Hi, I just had a thought, Louis has a webpage with scripts to install
sernet-samba : https://secure.bazuin.nl/scripts/ [2]

These might help you.



[1] http://www.donelsontrophy.com
[2] https://secure.bazuin.nl/scripts/

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