[Samba] Runnung samba4 as classic domain controller, win7 thinks it is AD

Michael Tokarev mjt+samba at tls.msk.ru
Sat Dec 6 13:40:48 MST 2014

06.12.2014 23:00, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 06/12/14 19:36, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> OK, I think that 'netbios aliases = PALTUS LINUX SERVER' will give you three extra netbios names, try enclosing PALTUS LINUX SERVER in single quotes i.e. 'PALTUS LINUX SERVER'

Yes, that's 3 extra bios names.  Enclosing them in quotes
will make it a single name, which is wrong.

> The following should only be used in a share:
> acl allow execute always = true
> map archive = no
> create mask = 0775
> directory mask = 0775
> wide links = yes

Yes, these are share-mode parameters.  When used in [global]
section, these changes global defaults and apply to all shares
unless overriden in a share.

> I take it that you realise that '' will only allow 62 clients


> finally, you have this: unix password sync = no
> This means that you will not have any connection between the users in samba and the underlying Unix machine.

Not users but their passwords.  When users (or machines) change their
windows passwords, they're not propagated to unix password databse,
only windows passwords (in tdbsam) are changed.

> I would suggest that you change your smb.conf and then try again.

Change what, exactly?  Unix password sync?  Why?  Unix passwords
are not used by windows.

The problem at hand is that a client is unable to, as it seems,
find the AD domain controller, but there is no AD domain controller,
only NT-style controller...



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