[Samba] Version 4.1.13 can't join domain as BDC

Михаил vdovin_m at mail.ru
Fri Dec 5 01:50:07 MST 2014

Hi All

Having problem to join Samba as BDC in existing domain

PDC - w2003

Partition[DC=MKS,DC=lan,DC=net] objects[10114] linked_values[0]
Refusing to replicate DC=NN\0ADEL:9aac4878-b274-4bf6-92aa-4f42e40d1c43,DC=MKS,DC=lan,DC=net from a read-only repilca into a read-write replica!
Failed to convert object DC=NN\0ADEL:9aac4878-b274-4bf6-92aa-4f42e40d1c43,DC=MKS,DC=lan,DC=net: WERR_DS_DRA_SOURCE_IS_PARTIAL_REPLICA
Failed to convert objects: WERR_DS_DRA_SOURCE_IS_PARTIAL_REPLICA
Join failed - cleaning up

I understand that Samba cannot replicate tombstone object (*\0ADEL:*), because such objects are marked read-only. The main problem lies in the fact that replication are trying to replicate them into read-write.

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