[Samba] Samba embedded device?

George jorgito1412 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 00:55:51 MST 2014

On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 2:26 AM, Gregory Sloop <gregs at sloop.net> wrote:

>  I love the idea of a low-power high-performance appliance. A NAS will
> work fine for storage, but it's not going to act as a DC etc. [At least
> none that I'm aware of and would trust.]
> Even appliances sorta like this, that I've seen, are easily five times the
> price.
> -Greg

Howcome no one has though of this before?? What is the "Samba equivalent",
as the Alix 2D3 is for SOHO routers?? There's a market gap right there...
Or maybe I am the one who thinks this way?

Still, thanks for your advice! You are right, so far Optiplexes or similar
pretty much fulfill all the requirementes I mentioned before: they are
cheap, good looking, silent and with some care also pretty reliable.

Best regards!


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