[Samba] uidNumber. ( Was: What is --rfc2307-from-nss ??)

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Tue Dec 2 12:48:37 MST 2014

On 02/12/14 20:24, Greg Zartman wrote:
  I'm going to be use SSSD

Good. A lot of your problems have just disappeared. Now, all that's left 
is the sysvol share which has to be served by the DC. That still uses 
the external idmap db so you somehow must replicate that to any further 
DCs you add. Having said that, when you have the DC up with SSSD, it 
becomes a minor problem. It's a 2 minute job with a usb stick.

SSSD? Get 1.12.x and go with this:
Should take you about 5 minutes after you've installed it.
You're almost there.

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