[Samba] samba Digest, Vol 140, Issue 52

Petert Grotz - Obel und Partner GbR grotz at obel-architekten.de
Fri Aug 29 14:51:30 MDT 2014

Hello Louis,

> Datum: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:17:44 +0200
> Von: "L.P.H. van Belle" <belle at bazuin.nl>
> An: "samba at lists.samba.org" <samba at lists.samba.org>
> Betreff: Re: [Samba] Samba 4 dns-resolv-prob with different subnets

> pleast post your

> /etc/hosts

on dc-01:   localhost   localhost.localdomain dc-01   dc-01.obel.lan

on dc-02:   localhost   localhost.localdomain dc-02   dc-02.obel.lan

> /etc/resolv.conf

on dc-02 (dns-resolution works):
search obel.lan
nameserver #def gateway on subnet

on dc-01 (dns-resolution doesn´t work):
search obel.lan
nameserver #def gateway on subnet

> which OS ( debian/ubuntu/centos)

centos 6.5

> the output of smbd -V

sernet-samba 4.1.11

> samba internal DNS or Bind9_DLZ

samba internal

> and what if you use the FQDN of the DC-02 and not the hostname.

using FQDN on DC-02 where the first samba-dc was installed is working  
fine with all resolving, using FQDN on DC-01 gives me the described  

> and you can add in the /etc/resolv.conf and extra search like

> search internal.domain.tld someotherinternal.domain.tld.
> nameserver ...

doesn´t help :(

> which nameserver is use the server on the net
> and is this net also defined on the samba 4 DC nameserver. is using the samba internal dnsserver and is working fine  
even for the dns-entries from the

for dc-01 at there are only the resolv.conf-entries  
because joining the dc-01 into domain will only success when  
dns/kerberos can resolv the working dc-02 on the other subnet where  
the domain is working at the moment.

> Greetz,

> Louis

Thanks again!


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