[Samba] Samba 4 dns-resolv-prob with different subnets

Peter Grotz - Obel und Partner GbR grotz at obel-architekten.de
Fri Aug 29 06:55:22 MDT 2014



I´m using one Samba4-dc “d-02” (IP on subnet (
Internal dns works for clients and other servers at subnet


Now I want to join another dc “dc-01” (IP at subnet which is connect over routed openvpn. Ping the first dc an vice
versa works but “host –v dc-02” results in the following message:


Trying “dc-02”

Host dc-02 not found (NXDOMAIN)

Received 23 bytes from’53 in 0ms


In my opinion the connection for dc-02 is ok but the dns resolv doesn´t

The forward zone and the two reverse zones work because the name resolution
at dc-01 works for all entries when aksing dc-01 feom

There are no firewall restrictions for the VPN.


Can anybody give a hint? Must I use bind instead?




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