[Samba] replication issues solved by adding GUID names to /etc/hosts

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Aug 27 08:19:27 MDT 2014

Hi Mourik Jan, 

Rowland is right.. because of your "problem" we found a problem in my samba db. 
No dont be sorry...  This is good. 
This is how we make samba better... 

and.. lucky me.. this is not in production yet.. 
so if needed i can just wipe my setup and reinstall. 
take about 2-4 hour to setup my 6 servers again, so its no big deal. 
just the 2 DC's are installed in 30 min.. only the proxy and mailserver take bit longer.
and setup the GPO.
and it's ok to do a complete rerun of my script and add the improvements in it.. 

..but before i do that, i want to know where the error is comming from, thats unclear to me. 

and Rowland.

>Strange,  replPropertyMetaData appears to be an attribute and you don't 
>have an objectClass in an attribute. Have you tried examining the ou's ?

How ? 

This is a hard one for me, understanding and translating.. 

the objectClass top and organizationalUnit are there. 
and objectCatetory has the value to the OU schema.. 
this instanceType is at all OU's 4.. 
so i dont know where to look for this error.. 




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>On 27/08/14 14:48, mourik jan heupink - merit wrote:
>> On 8/27/2014 15:00, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>>> And yes sernet support is great, so im hope they have seen 
>this thread..
>> Here is the patch sernet created for the ldapcmp issue:
>> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10788
>> I'm really sorry to have 'caused' your issues, and I'm 
>afraid I am in 
>> no position to offer any assistance... knowing only so little about 
>> samba...
>> MJ
>Hi Mourik,
>Don't apologise, you actually lead to the finding of a bug that nobody 
>knew was there ;-)
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