[Samba] Windows 7 Pro/64 unable to contact domain controller

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Aug 26 14:42:25 MDT 2014

GD> On 26/08/14 12:26 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
>> I have a number of systems running Windows 7/pro 64bit connecting to a 
>> Debian/Wheezy Samba DC. After one was rebooted today, I was unable to 
>> log on with a domain account, with the usual message about being 
>> unable to connect to a domain controller.

>> After logging on with a local account, I tried rejoining the domain 
>> but was unable - again Windows complained that it can't contact the 
>> domain controller. Re-did the Window registry settings change to allow 
>> Win7 to connect to an NT-style domain but still no luck. Same when I 
>> turned off the firewall. Rebooted multiple times in the process.

>> I can connect to network shares on the Samba DC (3.6.6) and can 
>> connect with SWAT using the NetBIOS name but others can't connect to 
>> shares on this computer.

>> Any ideas?

GD> The Samba logs show absolutely nothing happening which suggests that 
GD> Windows is accurate when it says it can't find or connect to a login 
GD> server / domain controller.

GD> I've been through all the Google searches I can think of and haven't 
GD> found much beyond the local security policy and local registry changes.

GD> I can connect to shares on the computer only when I use a local account.

This sounds a lot like DNS that isn't operating as you'd expect. [i.e. A DNS query doesn't return the correct address for the server, or perhaps any address at all.]

What's handling DNS for the problem workstation, and is it handing out answers properly. [A rogue DHCP server which pollutes DNS could cause it too.]


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