[Samba] DC1 and DC2 configuration different.

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Mon Aug 25 18:19:59 MDT 2014

Hello Chan,

Am 25.08.2014 18:09, schrieb Chan Min Wai:
> Just to double confirm...
> If DC1 is down...
> Would DC2 take over all roles automatically with this configuration?
> Or we would have to manually make change to it?

If you mean by 'roles' the FSMO roles, then no. They have to be manually
transfered/seized. But typically if one up to all FSMO roles are
temporarily not available, this isn't a big thing. See
for more details about the roles.

Everything else (kerberos, ldap, etc.) is enabled on all DCs. So you
don't have to worry about that.


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