[Samba] samba dynamic dns +dhcp ( working setup for debian wheezy ) for a quick start.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Aug 22 03:46:14 MDT 2014

Hai all. 
Thanks to Rowland and other, and the people with questions about the dynamic dns setups with dhcp servers.
I've setup a quick starter for a NON sssd setup. 
found here  https://secure.bazuin.nl/scripts/  
Just read the README-DHCP-setup.txt  and unzip the zip on the server you want the dhcp server on. 
direct links:  ( ow and these are not on HTTP only on HTTPS to get. ) 
This is a working setup from my production ( bit striped ) 
And thanks to Rowland and others for some suggestions. 
If someone has improvements, just mail me, or beter make the change and mail me the change. ;-) 

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