[Samba] Shares requiring "Everyone" access...

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Aug 19 07:23:53 MDT 2014

Ah.. wel im only using the windows drivers through point and print setup ( RAW printing also ) 
with Xerox global and the HP Universal because i want only 1 printer driver per brand. 

This is why i dont use ppd's. I also had some troubles to get things working, so what i did.
1 installed debian Jessie for my print server and used debian samba and cups with it. 
This works fine for for me with the HP Universal, but still no go for the Xerox
Cups had some bugs, i so i needed cups 1.7.x and im on XEN so nog XEN Guest for Debian Jessie.
( you can install debian Jessie on XEN BETA 6.2.5 ) 

What you can try, but i haven't tested this yet is set solution posted in the last week or so. 
It echo's printer1 .. etc. one of the problems is the by default enabled snmp in the printer drivers. 
For the HP i used a tool to disable this, for Xerox 5790 im using, no go, i had it almost, installed ok, but..
when i went to the properties of the driver same here 0x0000002 
Called my supplier, no support... and as Xerox stats on its website no linux support.. 
but if PPD  works for you well, why not, i im stopping with Xerox because of the bad linux support.
and same here... dammed 0x000002 message.. 



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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Shares requiring "Everyone" access...
>I am apt to believe this, but we had it working fine. Mind you, I have 
>the official PPD for the 7545 on the server and the server can 
>print in 
>full-color, two-sided all day long without an issue. When 
>assigning the 
>driver to the printer via print management however, it gives an error 
>about property pages. This happens whether I choose the RAW driver or 
>the official driver on the Linux side. It does assign the 
>driver however.
>I may look at deploying the driver manually and running a script to 
>configure the printer. If that's the case, I no longer need a 
>print-server. The thing is, I have clients all over the place 
>with Xerox 
>printers and Linux servers that work fine. One client has a 
>Xerox Fiery 
>(massive production system) that works, as well as a Phaser 
>and a black 
>and white laser multi-function that both work fine. Maybe it is just 
>this one model.
>Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can make this work with Samba 
>since I'd really prefer to use Samba? If I cannot use Samba as a 
>print-server, so be it, but I really like it as such.
>On 08/19/2014 02:42 AM, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>> this :
>>> see the ports, drivers, printers, and forms on the server just fine,
>>>> but it will NOT install and gives that dammed 0x00000002 
>error every
>>>> time. Event logs are useless because I do not know where the
>>> error is.
>> is due to the Xerox printer driver.
>> I spent lots of time to make this work... and now it works..
>> i used a Windows 7 pc as print server.
>> Best regards,
>> Louis
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>>> Aan: samba at lists.samba.org
>>> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Shares requiring "Everyone" access...
>>> Alright, in a last-ditch effort to resolve this, I did the 
>extreme. I
>>> deleted the VM and created a new one. I did remove the old one
>> >from the
>>> domain first. I have the new one up, joined it to the domain, and
>>> followed the Samba printer guide to the letter and had zero
>>> issues doing
>>> so. However, I am still getting "Access is denied" in the
>>> event log and
>>> it refuses to map the printer. Any domain user can do "net use z:
>>> \\ps01\print$ /persistent:no" and get the drive, browse it, 
>even copy
>>> files from it. I did setup the Kerberos keytab again, as Rowland
>>> suggested. Everything was as smooth as butter, it just won't
>>> grant access.
>>> At this point I am going to stop troubleshooting my server. MY
>>> very last
>>> thought is that somehow a copy of Windows 7 that is about a 
>month old
>>> has somehow got corrupted permissions or something somewhere that is
>>> blocking printer driver install. I am going to ask if any of
>>> you know of
>>> a way to get more info out of the Windows error beyond
>>> "0x00000002". If
>>> it would tell me some folder is denying access I could fix 
>it, but how
>>> the heck would every computer on the domain have the same 
>error at the
>>> exact same time? I just fail to believe every domain 
>computer had the
>>> exact same issue on the exact same day at the exact same time. It is
>>> just unbelievable.
>>> So, since I am not getting anything beyond an error number 
>>> access being denied, does anybody know how to dig into it? Without a
>>> log, I am hosed.
>>> On 08/18/2014 01:11 PM, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>>>> More work and rework. I double and triple-checked
>>> permissions on both
>>>> /var/spool/samba and /srv/samba/printer_drivers to verify they are
>>>> correct. They are. I went into print management and reinstalled the
>>>> driver to the server. I then went to the printer tab and
>>> selected the
>>>> driver for that printer. Still no dice. I can use print
>>> management to
>>>> see the ports, drivers, printers, and forms on the server 
>just fine,
>>>> but it will NOT install and gives that dammed 0x00000002 
>error every
>>>> time. Event logs are useless because I do not know where the
>>> error is.
>>>> Is it a printer access error, driver share access error, or
>>> something
>>>> I do not know of?
>>>> If you need the exact setup, here is my physical setup.
>>>> -> Xerox WorkCentre 7545 PCL6
>>>> -> PS01
>>>> -> Remote Workstation (Win7 Pro 64bit)
>>>> The way I have deployed these printers before is with group policy
>>>> preferences. It has worked until now. I set the printer preference
>>>> port to th IP of the printer and then set the server to
>>>> "\\ps01\xerox7545". This worked for about two weeks and then
>>> stopped.
>>>> I cannot make it work now. It has been down for about three
>>> weeks and
>>>> while everybody can access the drivers, we are being denied
>>> access to
>>>> the printer itself. I will also note that using the official driver
>>>> for Linux does not fix this issue.
>>>> On 08/18/2014 11:43 AM, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>>>>> A further update. Since the printer was not being added via
>>> GPO as it
>>>>> should. I attempted to add it by hand to my remote
>>> workstation. If I
>>>>> try at add it using the Windows GUI, I get to the point where you
>>>>> select the printer (in my case, \\PS01\Xerox7545) and 
>then is gives
>>>>> me error 0x00000002. The strange thing however, is that I
>>> CAN access
>>>>> the driver share as both an admin user AND a normal domain user.
>>>>> Share permissions on "/var/spool/samba" are 1777 per the
>>> guide, and I
>>>>> also added "Domain Users", "Domain Computers", and "Domain
>>> Admins" to
>>>>> the list, but no dice.
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