[Samba] Initial domain for connecting to samba

Petr Špatka petr at spatka.cz
Thu Aug 7 07:20:31 MDT 2014

Good day,

I have problem with Samba as file server and active directory member.
Windows 2008 R2 is master of active directory.

Samba (version 3.6.9 from Centos 6) is member with configuration:
security = ads
realm = dom.comp
workgroup = dom

All is working with Windows 2008 and Samba from Win 7 stations connected to
active directory.

Some Win 7 stations cannot be connected to active directory and there is
problem. For connecting some share from Win 2008, I can use login name
"DOM\username" or "STATIONNAME\username" or "username" (implicit on
non-domain computers) and both work. But for connecting to share from Samba,
I must use only "DOM\username". It is wrong, because users and some scripts
use only "username".

Can I change behaviour of Samba? Something as: try connect with domain "DOM"


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