[Samba] Configure winbind to keep domain prefix

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Thu Aug 7 05:33:16 MDT 2014

Any ideas how to custom format the usernames mapped by winbind?


I successfully set up an AD DC and several members, including a file 
server, which can serve both samba and NFS4. So far so good. However my 
prime goal is to use my Synology NAS and share data between Linux and 

The NAS joined the AD and lists its users and groups as AD\uid and 
AD\gid. The standard setup of the linux machines drops the AD\ prefix. 
This is handy, but breaks id mapping for NFSv4.

I could not find an option to make NFS prefix all usernames, which would 
be my first choice. But if I could make winbind to prefix the usernames 
as the NAS does, it would be a second best solution.

Searching man smb.conf did not enlight me. I think I don't have the 
proper search terms for the man page or the web.

  - lars.

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