[Samba] Problem joining second DC --- replicated DC on two sites.

Bruno Andrade bma at eurotux.com
Mon Aug 4 03:20:20 MDT 2014


Anyone on this?

I already searched on mailing for the same problem, without results. 
Some topics speak about removing dead DCs, but I don't know if it is the 
best solution.

Bruno Andrade.

On 07/31/2014 05:46 PM, Bruno Andrade wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I was trying to add a second DC to my controller via 'samba-tool 
> domain join' tool.
> Well, everytime, some error appears, and it says the joining was not 
> possible. I look over the internet, and then, I tried to join the 
> domain again, but this time, to a specific Site... the same error.
> When I enter the AD tools on windows, for my surprise, I get this:
> http://imgur.com/tSNUSno
> Who can I delete, one or both, replicated DCs?
> Kind Regards,
> Bruno.

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