[Samba] some info I need know maybe concern of others!

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun Aug 3 02:38:01 MDT 2014

Hello Claudio,

Am 03.08.2014 00:32, schrieb Claudio Renato Cardoso:
> I am doing a backup daily of Samba4 and my doubt is about the growing of
> its database. I have on my network about 100 computers and users, and a
> fileserver 2008 R2, some GPO´s (for time ...). All working fine, thanks. I
> need some information about main file of the Samba4, it´s actual size is
> now about 22.000 kbytes, but growing everyday, even when I do not include a
> computer, user or change anything. Every day it grows some bytes. Is this
> growth normal ?

Which file do you mean when you say "main file"? sam.ldb?


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