[Samba] Must Samba4 AD be provisionned with rfc2307 to use winbind ?

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 28 09:22:43 MDT 2013

On 28/09/13 16:11, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> Hello,
> Am 28.09.2013 10:11, schrieb Rowland Penny:
>>> Without the rfc2307 domain provision, will I have to add manually
>>> uidNumber and guiNumber each time a new user is created from Windows
>>> Management Console ?
>> Even with RFC2307 domain provision, you will have to add the uidNumber &
>> gidNumber manually, as Steve says, you can do this with samba-tool, but
>> YOU have to supply these numbers, they are not incremented 
>> automatically.
> If you use the MMC, the numbers are incremented automatically. You 
> simply select the NIS domain in the Unix tab and it shows the last 
> UID/GID + 1. So you don't have to track somewhere which was the last 
> UID/GID you've set.
> Microsoft tracks this somewhere in the directory under System / 
> RpcServices.
> Regards,
> Marc
Well, yes you are probably right, but as I have never used the MMC to 
add a Linux user, I did not know this, so thanks for the heads up. 
Having said that, I still think it would be quicker to add  a user via a 
script on the Linux server.

Do you know where exactly where Microsoft tracks the uidNumber?


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