[Samba] Samba4, ZFS and FreeBSD

Petros Petros.Listig at fdrive.com.au
Wed Sep 25 22:55:55 MDT 2013

Hi all,
I am in the process of finding the best way to use Samba4 as an AD  
under FreeBSD and ZFS.

The following is based on own research, google, mail archives, a bit  
of source code etc. So please correct me if I am wrong.

1. ZFS is using NFSv4 ACLs.
2. NFSv4 ACLs are modelled with NTFS (Windows) ACLs in mind.
3. Samba4 started with a new ntvfs file server but that was abandoned  
(or delayed?) to get samba4 released
4. Samba4 was released with s3fs as a default (the "old" Samba3 smbd)
5. s3fs is relying on POSIX ACLs which are not implemented on ZFS
6. There is a libsunacl library, a wrapper around FreeBSD ZFS NFSv4 ACLs
    I can install an experimental module but cannot provision AD with s3fs.
7. The provisioning with ntvfs seems to work

For me, there are two uncertainties:
a) Will be ntvfs supported in the future? Or will it be the default later?
b) Will s3fs gain support for NFSv4 ACLs?

If a) is the case, I am happy to proceed with using ntvfs.

If b) is the case, I may try to use ZFS on volume management level  
(for samba4 jails only, I am running other "stuff" on the FreeBSD  
boxes with ZFS).

I may create ZFS volumes and create UFS volumes, with POSIX support.

Later I may revert them to ZFS, if s3fs provides ZFS NFSv4 ACL support.

The other option would be to run it with ntvfs for now, switching to  
s3fs when it is "ZFS ready".

I do not know who has any plans in any directions. Of course, "Solaris  
people" (Oracle, illumos) may have interests and plans in this area too.

I am happy to become a FreeBSD beta tester for any kind of FreeBSD ZFS  
support. But I am afraid I am not good enough to code it myself. I am  
a sysadmin who reads C code frequently, it does not make me a good  

Can you give any hints or advice?

Thank you

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