[Samba] Samba as DC Member

KevinTang at umac.mo KevinTang at umac.mo
Mon Sep 23 21:39:00 MDT 2013

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your suggestion. Now, my windows client pc can browse to my 
linux client pc and show me the share folder. But when I want to enter it, 
it show me permission problem like attachment.

I already change my share directory (/samba_share) permission in linux pc 
to '777', and my smb.conf already set to 'guest ok = yes', 'writable = 
yes', and 'public = yes'.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you

From:   steve <steve at steve-ss.com>
To:     KevinTang at umac.mo
Cc:     samba at lists.samba.org
Date:   09/23/2013 04:46 PM
Subject:        Re: [Samba] Samba as DC Member

On Mon, 2013-09-23 at 15:51 +0800, KevinTang at umac.mo wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have install Windows AD and Linux client PC.
> In Linux PC, I modify these file to allow AD user logon the Linux Client 

> PC via LDAPS.
> - /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
> - /etc/krb5.conf
> - /etc/pam.d/system-auth-ac
> - /etc/pam.d/password-auth-ac
> - /etc/openldap/ldap.conf

> My Linux Client is:
> OS: CentOS 6.4, 64bit
> IP:
> Thank you very much
> Kevin Tang

I think you want the client to be a file server no?

try in [global]
workgroup = MYDOMAIN
security = ADS
kerberos method = system keytab

Make sure /etc/hosts has: centos-client.mydomain.com centos-client localhost

and that you can (at least) ping the 2008 box

Then try to join the domain:
net ads join -UAdministrator

That may get you a little closer.

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