[Samba] wrong asn1_compile file generated for cross-compilation

pranav desai pndesai2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 17:59:58 MDT 2013


Can anyone please point me to the code where asn1_compile is created ?
It seems to be incorrectly generated in my system for cross-compilation.

In my case; I am cross compiling and a wrong asn1_compile is generated,
which is pointing to libraries and interpreters on my local system.

Thanks for the help

Snippet of 'readelf -a asn1_compile'

Program Headers:
  Type           Offset   VirtAddr   PhysAddr   FileSiz MemSiz  Flg Align
  PHDR           0x000034 0x00008034 0x00008034 0x00120 0x00120 R   0x4
  INTERP         0x000154 0x00008154 0x00008154 0x00013 0x00013 R   0x1
      [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/ld-linux.so.3]
             <===  INCORRECT
  LOAD           0x000000 0x00008000 0x00008000 0x1cd3c 0x1cd3c R E 0x1000
  LOAD           0x01d000 0x00025000 0x00025000 0x0063c 0x0074c RW  0x1000
  DYNAMIC        0x01d000 0x00025000 0x00025000 0x000f8 0x000f8 RW  0x4
  NOTE           0x000168 0x00008168 0x00008168 0x00020 0x00020 R   0x4
  GNU_EH_FRAME   0x01cd34 0x00024d34 0x00024d34 0x00008 0x00008 R   0x4
  GNU_STACK      0x000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000 0x00000 RW  0
  EXIDX          0x01cd28 0x00024d28 0x00024d28 0x00008 0x00008 R   0x4

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